Board of Regents

The Texas State University System


Charlie Amato (2013)                                                                                                 San Antonio

Ron Blatchley (2011)                                                                                   Bryan/College Station

Kevin J. Lilly (2015)                                                                                                         Houston

Ron Mitchell (2015)                                                                                               Horseshoe Bay

David Montagne (2015)                                                                                                  Beaumont

Trisha S. Pollard (2013)                                                                                                      Bellaire

Michael Truncale (2013)                                                                                                 Beaumont

Greg Wilkinson (2011)                                                                                                         Dallas

Donna N. Williams (2011)                                                                                              Arlington

William Patterson (Student Regent, 2010)                                                                   San Marcos


Charles R. Matthews, Chancellor                                                                                         Austin


*  The listing of Regents is correct as of May 2009. For the most up-to-date listing, please visit The Texas State University System homepage.



Central Administrative Officers


James F. Gaertner, Ph.D.                                                                                                 President

David E. Payne, Ph.D.                                      Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Dana L. Gibson, Ph.D., CPA                                      Vice President for Finance and Operations

Frank R. Holmes, B.A.                                              Vice President for University Advancement

Heather V. Crowson, Ed.D.                                       Vice President for Enrollment Management

Frank E. Parker, M.A.                                                            Vice President for Student Services



Academic Administrative Officers


David E. Payne, Ph.D.                                      Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

TBN                                                                                                       Dean of Graduate Studies

Jaimie L. Hebert, Ph.D.                                                           Dean, College of Arts and Sciences

Mitchell J. Muehsam, Ph.D.                                         Dean, College of Business Administration

Vincent J. Webb, Ph.D.                                                             Dean, College of Criminal Justice

Genevieve H. Brown, Ed.D.                                                                Dean, College of Education

John M. de Castro, Ph.D.                                  Dean, College of Humanities and Social Sciences